Countertops Selection

Granite - Granite is made from 100% natural stone which means each hand picked slab at our facility is unique, elegant and beautiful. Granite Countertops in kitchen or bathroom are very durable and last a very long time.

Quartz - Quartz is a stone that is manufactured and engineered to look like 100% natural rock. Quartz provides an elegant and custom look look when granite slab colors are limited.

Marble - Marble, also made from natural stone giving each slab a unique and elegant look. Colors and variety options in Marble are limitless. From so many patterns to choose from, the sky is the limit.

Planet Marble & Granite Selection

Confused? - Hard to decide which countertop surface is best for you? Considering the numerous countertop surfaces available, Planet Marble & Granite takes pride in helping you finding a stylish surface that resists stains, scratches and spills... ALL WITH KEEPING YOUR BUDGET IN MIND.

Being connected with one of the 52 fabricators in United States, over the years, we have made it a practice to buy large material quantity from all overseas quarries. Our supplies in India, Brazil, China, Italy, Norway, Finland, Alaska allows us to have a large selection of granite, marble, quartz, stone products.

Making the right choice

Your home is your temple, not just a place to eat and sleep. Visit our store to see samples and designs of 100's of kitchen layout, cabinets, countertops, islands and more.

Great Values & Quality Products - Planet Marble & Granite is one of the best in the industry. Call us at (248) 255-4575

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